Is your internet connection dropping out or pages are not being loaded in a proper way? If your answer is yes, then you need to go through this article with an apt attention from top to the bottom.

The first and foremost step to resolve any website access issues to make the cache clear and then do refreshing of the page. If you cannot access some of the sites, but other pages are not being loaded, then this step will overcome your problem. If you are having admin controls over your computer, then you should look for blocked sties. After this, make endeavor to use a different IP address if you have or else contact technical support for troubleshooting DNS issues.

Ensure that you stay connected to the internet. You will be able to do so by simply clicking right on the Network icon for diagnosis of connection settings. You may also chink any website address and perceive whether there is any response. If you are receiving any response, then you need to go ahead with step 3 of troubleshooting internet problems. In case, there exists a yellow triangle in the local area connection, which you are making use of, then you need to contact network administrator for having your problems solved.

You need to disable as well as re-enable your wireless connection to perceive whether you are capable of sending and receiving packets over the internet. With regard to advanced troubleshooting, make use of the Windows network troubleshooter for resetting the network adapter. It will certainly clear the DNS cache and then re enable the adapter. In case, it fails to work, then at once contact internet service provider or technical support for seeking more information.

Apart from all these things, there are some free online tools to check the condition of your connection if websites are not being loaded or fail to respond.   If you are unable to connect with your LAN but wireless connection goes on dropping off the grid, then go ahead with the next step for troubleshooting your network connection. Remember that a weak wireless connection can cause slow speed or frequently dropping out of your network. You should make endeavor to seek some help and guidance on router troubleshooting from an online tech support service. In addition to this, you can also do resetting of the router for clearance of the cache. Have firmware updates for your router or perceive whether you are able to keep it anywhere so it gives better performance.

It is indeed a very special day as you celebrate your family member’s birthday. These days, capturing every little details of an occasion deem to be important and have been part of any gatherings. Selfies, group pictures, videos and the like are saved either in a mobile device, tablet or computer ready for uploading. As the human wants increases and so does the pictures on your computer. How can a computer memory hold all the pictures and videos capturing precious moments not to mention your office files and personal data all at once without letting you choose to delete a single program?


RAM (known as the Random Access Memory) acts a warehouse of a computer as it store all the software that you need and desire your computer to have. It is a device in the computer that permits the data to be read or written in approximately almost the same amount of time the data items are accessed regardless of the order you opened it.


The technology advances in just a wink of an eye, the reason more and more people are changing mobile phones every after months or so. With this in mind, a computer that has been sold for a couple of months or a year may be sluggish and may have difficulty keeping up with the demands of the latest software or programs launched. And this same scenario may require for an upgrade in memory too. This is therefore, the most effective way in terms of cost and process that you can make to speed up your computer.


How can you identify if it is really an upgrade in RAM that you need? You can conduct a test by turning on the Windows Task Manager. Press the “Ctr l+ Alt + Delete” and choose the Performance tab. Under the “Physical Memory” column check the item under “Available”, if it is close to zero and your PC is already slow in response, then the need to increase your RAM is a good move.


Below are the steps on how to increase computer RAM:


  1. Remove the PC from the plug and detach the case. Place or position it in a way that you will be able to reach into the case’s interior comfortably. For example, if there is a tower, laying the case on the side while connecting the RAM can be easier.
  2. Ground yourself properly by using a grounding strap in order to guard the computer’s sensitive circuits from the electricity that is static. You can touch at least the computer’s case or a metal pipe or faucet prior handling the inside of any component of the computer of the PC itself.
  3. Double check the computer’s record and credentials to classify the correct RAM socket that you need to fill. All barriers like the plastic panel or power cables that are used as a passage for the airflow on the motherboard needs to be removed.
  4. Take out the new RAM module avoiding the chips to be touched on the face.
  5. Slightly push the unit into the outlet until the latches or fasteners closed.
  6. Reassemble the computer, turn it on and check to identify if the system recognizes the newly installed RAM.


*Image courtesy of khunaspix /

*Image courtesy of khunaspix /

You may be trying to bring the temperature down to an appreciable degree with hot running computers. Prior to spending a large amount of bucks on a water cooling system, there are some steps, which you can adopt. These steps will lower the temperature of your computer. By taking individually, each may make a difference, but when taken together, they may save your system from overheating and do so for comparatively low cost. Computer overheating causes damages to many components of your computer and can kill your computer. Although the reasons of overheating are many, one key to overcome it is airflow. If you increase the airflow in your computer’s case, then damaging heat will be away.

If your CPU is getting hot, then you need to check the thermal gel, which goes on the top of the chip. This stuff increases heat transfer from your chip to the heat sink. It has been found that the computers, which were opened up less than a year old, gel had turned into thin white crust, which was absolutely worthless for transfer of heat. You need to get rid of the chip and clean the old gel off with ArtiClear, or any cleaning solution. You should have the reinstallation of the processor. If it is the kind, which has a contact surface lying in the center of the chip, then you need to put one drop of gel on that particular surface. Bear in mind that it should not be bigger than a grain of rice.

In case your chip is of such kind which makes use of its entire top as a contact surface, then you can create an X pattern from five dots of gel. You simply need to ensure that the dots are small. A little drop of gel really does wonder. Thereafter, though you have got the case open, but you need to blow out all the dust. You might have perceived a white rim growing on the edge of fan blades of your CPU. When the dust is really bothersome, something is to be done to get rid of this. If it appears clean, then you need to blow it out. Small particles get stuck to your components, especially the chipset.

You can make use canned air. Abstain yourself from using little compressors, which some hobbyists have. During humid climates, they may spray like small water droplets because of condensation. You should keep your computer in such a place where airflow is not obstructed. This is considered as one of the simplest steps to take and perhaps for that cause it is the most overlooked step.

photo credit: miss  karen via photopin cc

photo credit: miss karen via photopin cc

It is just an ordinary day for you and your laptop, doing research for your work and Voila! Something appeared on your screen and before you knew it, everything went black and after that, your laptop would not open. You never thought losing all your data can happen until the day that it actually happens to you. Worst is that you never did back up your files. Having a backup file is very easy to do so there is no other reason not to have a backup file.

Does not matter how you lost your files, whether it was caused by a hard drive crash or it was accidentally deleted or a virus corrupted your data; it is always advisable to backup files regularly. Buillt-in backup applications are both available in MAC OS X or Windows, which is very easy to access. Here are simple steps on how to back up your files for windows as I am more familiar with it:


Get your backup external hard drive such as USB that has a large memory capacity. You may try to purchase USB that has twice the size of memory capacity as your laptop or computer so that you will have enough space for your current and future data. Now that you have your USB, plug it into the USB port of your laptop or computer. Windows will prompt up a message asking if you want to use your USB as a backup. Choose yes since this is what we plan to do, hence if no prompt message appeared, go to the Start Menu and in the serach box below the screen, type the word backup and click the Backup and Restore. Next is hit the Set up Backup option and choose the USB that you just plugged in. Next thing you will do is just click the Next button upto the final promt message. On the final message, you must choose Save Settings and Run Back Up. From this point, Windows is already making your first backup external hard drive so it is necessary to make sure that your computer will not turn off. You may now continue what you are doing in your computer while Wnidows does its work. This duty will become a regular thing for your Windows so you never have to worry about it anymore. If ever you need your backed up files, you may restore it by going to the Start Menu, choose Backup and Restore then choose Restore My Files to see your files again.

It is advisable to have a backup external hard drive for the security of your files or data, however, it is also not 100% safe for external drives can be misplaced or accidentally delete a file or worst, can be caught on fire. Again, you will lose all your saved data in USB. The only bulletproof backup we can suggest you to do is to keep your files stored online as well. This way, you will be able to open your files wherever and whenever you need it even without your USB external drive.

*Image courtesy of posterize /

*Image courtesy of posterize /

Prior to checking RAM compatibility, it is important to know what RAM stands for. RAM is an abbreviation of Random Access Memory. RAM, which is installed in the computer, bears resemblance to the short-term memory, which a human brain makes use of for computations. It is well-known fact that people having a sharp short-term memory works much better in comparison to those who do not have it. RAM is volatile by nature. It means that it requires constant electrical power for refreshing itself so that it can store the data contents. As soon as the power is cut, all data, which stored in RAM gets lost. The measurement of RAM is taken in GB (GigaBytes) and MB (MegaBytes). Basically, it is a good idea to upgrade RAM if you make plan to keep your old computer. Below some tips to check RAM compatibility are being explained:

  • First of all, you need to check the package of RAM and confirm whether it says “SODIMM” or “DIMM.” Desktop computers can make use of only “DIMM” whereas laptops make use of “SODIMM.” You can ascertain the difference between a SODIMM and DIMM stick of RAM by perceiving its size. The SODIMM is 3 inches long whereas the DIMM is longer.
  • Confirm how much RAM your PC can take. For store-bought desktop computers and laptops, you need to check the box your computer came in or simply refer to the website of the manufacturer and look for your model number. Spot the model number on the underside or back of your computer. If you made your own computer, you should check the box your motherboard came in or see its model number.
  • Now, switch off your computer and detach its plug from the wall. Detach all the external devices like monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also, take off the case cover if your computer is a desktop model. Read the sticker on RAM to see its specifications and model number. See the model number in case you do not get to see any specifications mentioned on the sticker.
  • At last, you need to check the speed and RAM type against RAM, which you found installed in your PC. Common RAM types are “DDR3,” and “DDR2” and your new RAM must be matchable with the type already installed in your computer. Though less important, the speed of new RAM should be matchable with the speed of your old RAM. Speeds are written in megahertz such as “1066 MHz.”


It should be simple to install a RAM chip but keep in mind the motherboard and whether or not if it’s compatible. Check for instructions on the motherboard or if you are on a computer at the moment while making sure you have the right RAM chip, check online on computer forums.

*Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 /

*Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 /

For those people, who often spend most of their times with computers, it is very important to have computer screen with good quality images. A monitor screen with high resolution proffers more ease and convenience in doing work at your computer for a long period of time. Nevertheless, your ease and convenience will disappear as soon as monitor flickering problem crops. This problem may lead you to headache, eyestrain etc. As a result, you may fall prey to crippling disease. Below, some useful tips to fix flicker problem are being explained:

The first and foremost thing, which you need to do in order to fix this problem, is checking the setting of monitor. Generally, vertical refresh rate is the root cause of this flicker. You can do the setting of the refresh rate of computer screen 75 Hz or greater. Any setting having lower rate will result on high flickering.

You can do the setting of the rate by simply clicking right on the Window desktop. You need to select the properties and then open the dialog box of Display properties. Then, you will get setting tab. After this, you should search for the advanced button. As soon as you click this button, you will get to perceive monitor tab. Now, you can choose the most suitable rate of your screen. For applying the new setting, you should reboot your computer.

After you have set the rate, you should determine the model of computer graphic card. Get any updated driver and install it to computer. It will minimize the flicker problem. In case, those last two tips do not solve your problem, then you need to check any feasible interference from any devices like television sets, PC speakers, or any motorized appliances.

If your computer is still flickering, then you need to check the power plug. You should make endeavor to shift the power plug to a different outlet. You can also unplug monitor temporary if you plug it to the surge protector.

By chewing on these tips, you will be able to fix flicker problem in your computer screen. If you are really fed up with flickering monitor and want to get a new computer monitor, then certainly you can have lots of choices. You can choose HD computer monitors, which will provide great quality of images, texts and colors. Whether you are selecting a small or large computer monitor, you need to have ease and convenience in working at your computer.

Hard drives both exists inside your desktop and laptop. This device holds software, movies, music, documents etc. Nowadays, it is more advanced in comparison to those ones, which existed many years back. At present time, these drives are of smaller size and have a greater capacity. These devices spin very fast inside. Usually, these drives fail to last for longer periods as they did many years back; they simply last for three to five years. Habits of good backup are pertinent. There are lots of options for supporting your data.

It is pertinent for you to remain fully aware of the signs of hard drive failure as soon as it starts. There are certain warnings, which your computer will provide you. For instance, as soon as you start your computer, you may get to perceive a message associated with ‘SMART.’ It is peculiar type of technology, which this hard drive possesses and conveys to the computer that there persists a problem with the hard drive. Then, your computer will inform you on screen.

In case, you perceive a message other than ‘smart status ok’ for instance, then it is time for you to ensure that you receive your data backed up in another place and have replacement of your drive at the earliest. You may also get warnings associated with this as soon as the computer is in Windows. Remember that you should not avoid such messages.

Another important sign of hard drive making clicking noise is squealing sounds. It is worth remembering that it is mostly metal inside the hard drive. Therefore, if the drive is going to fail, then it can make very loud screeching noises. Usually, hard drives can make clicking noises which are normal, but if you start to hear humming, odd-timed, abnormal clicking or any other combined noises, particularly the squealing type, then you need to get your data backed up at once and then have the replacement of the drive.

In case, you are doubtful about its noise for instance if is quiet or simply clicking type noises, then you may think of recording the noise and then posting it to a video or media site and grill people about what it is really. You may also contact local technician. In any case, you should be sure to support your data.

Another fact to consider is if you happen to get a BSOD (the infamous Blue Screen of Death); it happens to be on the hard drives cycle. Remember that the disk spins cycling data and you may get an error message pertaining to one. Do not ignore this and consider what may have caused it before as to try and save your hard drive.

So, this was all about what you can do about clicking noise of hard drive. Go through this article with an apt attention to know everything in detail.

photo credit: mattk1979 via photopin cc

photo credit: mattk1979 via photopin cc

If you get to face an error as soon as you put in your disc to the console and it fails to read them or denies to do anything or provides you a message saying ‘insert game disc’ then you need to think of way to have this fixed. “Why is my DVD drive not reading disc” is being answered suitably in this article below.

Many people think that when such problem happens, it is the DVD which is faulty. But, many times, it has got nothing to do with the DVD drive. This problem crops up because the receptors, which are present on the rear of the DVD, overheat and when they absorb more heat, it prevents the DVD from working in a proper way. Usually, there is insufficient heat to damage the DVD drive since it will shut off before that thing takes place. What you need to do is prevent the heat from building up and your DVD drive will start reading the discs.

Now the question arises, what you should do to prevent the heat from building up? Well, you send it to Microsoft and they will carry out fixing working for you. Nevertheless, you waiting time may be frustrating for you with many repair works taking some weeks or even more. You can make use of Xbox 360 Repair guide, which will make you understand how to prevent the heat form building up with the household items and fix the disc reading error.

Ensure that you get some kind of preview of the guide so that you are able to see how to fix this problem. There is also another way if you are unable to wait for a long time. That way is usage of good home repair method, which can make your understand how to prevent the heat getting to the drive. If you are likely to do in this fashion, then you need to ensure that you have a good guide, which has complete preview of the videos.

The principal way, by which you can ensure that you are availing a good guide, is to perceive whether they provide guarantee. You should see on the preview video that the work is being executed on a proper Xbox 360. This is for two causes. The first is that you will be able to perceive that they know what they are doing. The second cause is that you will be able to get a glimpse at how hard the home repair method is so that you can think judiciously.

Black computer keyboard by Marius Iordache

Black computer keyboard by Marius Iordache

Is your computer keyboard not working properly? If your answer is affirmative, then you are having a keyboard problem. But, you need not worry since a step-by step guide is for fixing your keyboard issues is being explained below.

First of all, you should ascertain the reason why your keyboard has failed to work. Confirm whether it is software related or hardware related. If it is hardware related problem, then you should clean the keyboard by using a duster or simply shake it off. After this, you need to check whether it is plugged correctly or not. If it is a PS/2 keyboard, then you need to ensure that it remains plugged in the purple PS/2 port (This is not the case where you have a USB keyboard however). While doing work on your computer if it stops to work all of sudden, then you should plug it out and then plug it back in. In case, it fails to work, then you should try to fasten the keyboard to another computer. If it does work there, then you have a bad port or your computer has developed a software- related problem. If you plug it to another computer and its fails to work, then the pins of your keyboards might be broken.

When we go deeper into why your keyboard is not working due to a software- related issue, then you will come to know that this solution is for your keyboard as well as for the optimal usage of your computer. Your keyboard might be having a driver-related problem. Remember that a driver is the communicating medium between the operating system and the hardware. Without having it, your operating system will fail to identify anything which your hardware likes to do.

Many hardware manufacturers update their products drivers monthly for fixing your present keyboard driver problem and all other driver-related problems, which you may have. It is recommended that you spare the time for looking for a website or software, which will search for the drivers which your computer needs for running at a good performance. Remember that updated drivers allow your computer to remain the best. It is a pertinent factor in avoidance of the errors in your computer.

While looking for the website or software, which will help you in finding the right and updated drivers for your computer, it is very important to take heed that there are such websites, which will provide you outdated drivers, which you do not want to have. So be vigilant!

By Hans Haase (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Hans Haase (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Upgrading power supply to computer is very important since it supplies the sufficient amount of power, which is required for making other components work in a proper way. As a result, you will be able to work on computer with much convenience and ease.

PSU (power supply unit) is undoubtedly the most reliable component of computer, but unluckily people considered it just for granted. Computer users are generally more preoccupied with upgrading their hard disks and video cards, but what they fail to realize is that with no PSU, they would be unable to get extra storage capacity. That is the reason why it is very important to choose the suitable power supply unit so that you are able to harness the computer to its fullest.

Now the question arises, how to upgrade the power supply for your computer. Well, you need not worry for it. Steps are being explained below:

  • First of all you need to know how you will make use of computer for determining the amount of power that you need. For example, if your purpose is to make use of gaming, then you need to have a unit, which has a capacity of minimum 650 watts. If you are doing basic tasks, then a 350-400 watt unit will suffice.
  • Secondly, give priority to quality. You need to be highly vigilant with the quality of PSU, which you will purchase. You should not choose the one for getting over with-take time in order to compare and review various brands. Keep distance from an inexpensive unit since it will fail to do any good for you. Simply, it will destroy the parts of your computer as soon as it starts breaking down in the future. Therefore, if you want to get rid of damage to your computer then get a premium unit, which has many optimistic reviews of its users.
  • Buy a reputed brand. Bear in mind that the power supply to computers is a difficult component. Therefore, you should buy the best brand to make sure performance and quality of your power unit supply. Such reputable brands will be more high-priced in comparison to lesser-known ones, but think it as a good investment.

So, this was all about how you can upgrade power supply to your computer. Steps on upgrading power supply have been clearly explained above. Remember that power supply is an indispensable part of computer. Without it, computer will fail to work. Do not consider it as a trivial thing.