Choosing a processor for video editing is not as hard as cracking a nut. What you need to do is to simply familiarize yourself with some important things, which can help you in deciding about the right processor.

Well, nowadays, there are two good manufacturers of processors in the market.  They are AMD and Intel. All these inherit their benefits.  The main benefit of Intel over AND is its increasing name and fame in the market and its sturdiness. Alternatively, AMD is less expensive with its Intel equivalent processor speed and carries out work better in graphics and gaming application.

The core value is the second thing, which you need to consider. The processor cores are quad core, dual core, single core and the newly launched six core processors. AMD processors are called as X6, X6, X4, X3 and X2. The total amount of core in processor does not mean that it gets multiplied with their real speed. Dual core 3.0 GHz does not mean that it carries out work at 6GHz fast. But, it is about 50% quicker than the lone core processor. Another important thing is that total amount of cores available in the processor can perform well in multi tasking applications such as latest games and video editing.

At last, what you need to know is its architecture. There are two kinds of architecture in the processor. They are 64-bit and 32-bit. Now, 64-bit is more popular in comparison to the old 32-bit. The demerit of a 32-bit over a 64-bit is that it has 4GB of memory. Another important thing is that it fails to provide support to the 64-bit operating system. This operating system features two versions, which is the 64-bit and 32-bit. A 32-bit processor will fail to operate on a 64-bit operating system but as far as a 64-bit processor is concerned, it will carry out work on a 32-bit operating system.

If you take an Intel processor and application is chiefly on video graphics, then you should select a larger number of cores. In case, your applications are completely office work such as surfing the net and word processing, then a dual core or a lone core will suffice. Here the bottom line is that Intel processors are costlier and more durable in comparison to AMD. AMD carries out work better in graphics applications. Socket LGA 1366 provides support to the Intel i7 quad core and newest 6 core. The most appropriate choices for processors are AMD socket AM3 and Intel socket 1366.

Take into account of this article very carefully. Because I can tell you one thing, a Core 2 Duo laptop with a WebCam using Camtasia Studio for video editing in my opinion cost a laptop to slightly overheat; it was still working on making the video to the very end whereas a better Core 2 Duo desktop making the same video used a fraction of what the processor needed with hardly any noise. There is a huge difference when it comes to videos; that’s why it is important that you think about the processor you need for video editing.

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