It appears that nowadays a large number of people have wrong information about differences between dual and quad core processor. There are lots of people, who think that a computer system having a quad processor is better in comparison with dual processor, since it has two times as many cores. With this article, you will better understand the topic, is Dual core better than Quad core.

Let us ponder over these two Intel processors. Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 is 3.0 GHz per core with 6MB L2 Cache. In comparison, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550S is 2.83 GHz per core with 12MB L2 Cache. As the L2 Cache is divided equally into every core, each processor has the same amount of cache, which makes them similar processors except for number of cores. As every core is 3 GHz for both processors, does it mean that the quad core is two times as quick as the dual core processor?

The answer is rather negative. This is the chief misunderstanding which most of the people have regarding multi-core processors. You need not do multiplication of the speed of one core by many cores for getting the whole speed of a multi-core processor. These two processors in this instance really carry out work at the same speed. The reality is, less than 1% of this software on the market can make use of numerous cores. It means that many programs can operate only once at a time. It means that the speeds of your programs are absolutely dependent on the speed of a lone core. Many programs can carry out work faster than you can switch over to another program. Video editing software is the best exception to this rule. Usually, it makes use of all your cores.

Practically, you will fail to notice a difference in speed between a system having a dual core processor and a system having a quad core processor, unless and until you are operating programs of video editing. You should not waste your money profusely on a quad system unless and until you edit and create videos professional manner or operate specialty software which can make use of all of your cores. Bear in mind that you are more comfortable with investment of your money for system with more GHz and a higher L2 cache or a dual processor.


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