*Image courtesy of khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

*Image courtesy of khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You may be trying to bring the temperature down to an appreciable degree with hot running computers. Prior to spending a large amount of bucks on a water cooling system, there are some steps, which you can adopt. These steps will lower the temperature of your computer. By taking individually, each may make a difference, but when taken together, they may save your system from overheating and do so for comparatively low cost. Computer overheating causes damages to many components of your computer and can kill your computer. Although the reasons of overheating are many, one key to overcome it is airflow. If you increase the airflow in your computer’s case, then damaging heat will be away.

If your CPU is getting hot, then you need to check the thermal gel, which goes on the top of the chip. This stuff increases heat transfer from your chip to the heat sink. It has been found that the computers, which were opened up less than a year old, gel had turned into thin white crust, which was absolutely worthless for transfer of heat. You need to get rid of the chip and clean the old gel off with ArtiClear, or any cleaning solution. You should have the reinstallation of the processor. If it is the kind, which has a contact surface lying in the center of the chip, then you need to put one drop of gel on that particular surface. Bear in mind that it should not be bigger than a grain of rice.

In case your chip is of such kind which makes use of its entire top as a contact surface, then you can create an X pattern from five dots of gel. You simply need to ensure that the dots are small. A little drop of gel really does wonder. Thereafter, though you have got the case open, but you need to blow out all the dust. You might have perceived a white rim growing on the edge of fan blades of your CPU. When the dust is really bothersome, something is to be done to get rid of this. If it appears clean, then you need to blow it out. Small particles get stuck to your components, especially the chipset.

You can make use canned air. Abstain yourself from using little compressors, which some hobbyists have. During humid climates, they may spray like small water droplets because of condensation. You should keep your computer in such a place where airflow is not obstructed. This is considered as one of the simplest steps to take and perhaps for that cause it is the most overlooked step.


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