photo credit: miss  karen via photopin cc

photo credit: miss karen via photopin cc

It is just an ordinary day for you and your laptop, doing research for your work and Voila! Something appeared on your screen and before you knew it, everything went black and after that, your laptop would not open. You never thought losing all your data can happen until the day that it actually happens to you. Worst is that you never did back up your files. Having a backup file is very easy to do so there is no other reason not to have a backup file.

Does not matter how you lost your files, whether it was caused by a hard drive crash or it was accidentally deleted or a virus corrupted your data; it is always advisable to backup files regularly. Buillt-in backup applications are both available in MAC OS X or Windows, which is very easy to access. Here are simple steps on how to back up your files for windows as I am more familiar with it:


Get your backup external hard drive such as USB that has a large memory capacity. You may try to purchase USB that has twice the size of memory capacity as your laptop or computer so that you will have enough space for your current and future data. Now that you have your USB, plug it into the USB port of your laptop or computer. Windows will prompt up a message asking if you want to use your USB as a backup. Choose yes since this is what we plan to do, hence if no prompt message appeared, go to the Start Menu and in the serach box below the screen, type the word backup and click the Backup and Restore. Next is hit the Set up Backup option and choose the USB that you just plugged in. Next thing you will do is just click the Next button upto the final promt message. On the final message, you must choose Save Settings and Run Back Up. From this point, Windows is already making your first backup external hard drive so it is necessary to make sure that your computer will not turn off. You may now continue what you are doing in your computer while Wnidows does its work. This duty will become a regular thing for your Windows so you never have to worry about it anymore. If ever you need your backed up files, you may restore it by going to the Start Menu, choose Backup and Restore then choose Restore My Files to see your files again.

It is advisable to have a backup external hard drive for the security of your files or data, however, it is also not 100% safe for external drives can be misplaced or accidentally delete a file or worst, can be caught on fire. Again, you will lose all your saved data in USB. The only bulletproof backup we can suggest you to do is to keep your files stored online as well. This way, you will be able to open your files wherever and whenever you need it even without your USB external drive.

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