*Image courtesy of posterize / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

*Image courtesy of posterize / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Prior to checking RAM compatibility, it is important to know what RAM stands for. RAM is an abbreviation of Random Access Memory. RAM, which is installed in the computer, bears resemblance to the short-term memory, which a human brain makes use of for computations. It is well-known fact that people having a sharp short-term memory works much better in comparison to those who do not have it. RAM is volatile by nature. It means that it requires constant electrical power for refreshing itself so that it can store the data contents. As soon as the power is cut, all data, which stored in RAM gets lost. The measurement of RAM is taken in GB (GigaBytes) and MB (MegaBytes). Basically, it is a good idea to upgrade RAM if you make plan to keep your old computer. Below some tips to check RAM compatibility are being explained:

  • First of all, you need to check the package of RAM and confirm whether it says “SODIMM” or “DIMM.” Desktop computers can make use of only “DIMM” whereas laptops make use of “SODIMM.” You can ascertain the difference between a SODIMM and DIMM stick of RAM by perceiving its size. The SODIMM is 3 inches long whereas the DIMM is longer.
  • Confirm how much RAM your PC can take. For store-bought desktop computers and laptops, you need to check the box your computer came in or simply refer to the website of the manufacturer and look for your model number. Spot the model number on the underside or back of your computer. If you made your own computer, you should check the box your motherboard came in or see its model number.
  • Now, switch off your computer and detach its plug from the wall. Detach all the external devices like monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also, take off the case cover if your computer is a desktop model. Read the sticker on RAM to see its specifications and model number. See the model number in case you do not get to see any specifications mentioned on the sticker.
  • At last, you need to check the speed and RAM type against RAM, which you found installed in your PC. Common RAM types are “DDR3,” and “DDR2” and your new RAM must be matchable with the type already installed in your computer. Though less important, the speed of new RAM should be matchable with the speed of your old RAM. Speeds are written in megahertz such as “1066 MHz.”


It should be simple to install a RAM chip but keep in mind the motherboard and whether or not if it’s compatible. Check for instructions on the motherboard or if you are on a computer at the moment while making sure you have the right RAM chip, check online on computer forums.

*Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

*Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For those people, who often spend most of their times with computers, it is very important to have computer screen with good quality images. A monitor screen with high resolution proffers more ease and convenience in doing work at your computer for a long period of time. Nevertheless, your ease and convenience will disappear as soon as monitor flickering problem crops. This problem may lead you to headache, eyestrain etc. As a result, you may fall prey to crippling disease. Below, some useful tips to fix flicker problem are being explained:

The first and foremost thing, which you need to do in order to fix this problem, is checking the setting of monitor. Generally, vertical refresh rate is the root cause of this flicker. You can do the setting of the refresh rate of computer screen 75 Hz or greater. Any setting having lower rate will result on high flickering.

You can do the setting of the rate by simply clicking right on the Window desktop. You need to select the properties and then open the dialog box of Display properties. Then, you will get setting tab. After this, you should search for the advanced button. As soon as you click this button, you will get to perceive monitor tab. Now, you can choose the most suitable rate of your screen. For applying the new setting, you should reboot your computer.

After you have set the rate, you should determine the model of computer graphic card. Get any updated driver and install it to computer. It will minimize the flicker problem. In case, those last two tips do not solve your problem, then you need to check any feasible interference from any devices like television sets, PC speakers, or any motorized appliances.

If your computer is still flickering, then you need to check the power plug. You should make endeavor to shift the power plug to a different outlet. You can also unplug monitor temporary if you plug it to the surge protector.

By chewing on these tips, you will be able to fix flicker problem in your computer screen. If you are really fed up with flickering monitor and want to get a new computer monitor, then certainly you can have lots of choices. You can choose HD computer monitors, which will provide great quality of images, texts and colors. Whether you are selecting a small or large computer monitor, you need to have ease and convenience in working at your computer.

photo credit: jbhthescots via photopin cc

photo credit: jbhthescots via photopin cc

Getting the best deals on electronic gadgets is fairly easy if you know when to buy them. Yes, you can actually get some good bargains when you buy electronic items at a time their prices are at their lowest. You are probably asking, “Is there a particular time of the year when they actually lower prices for PCs and tablets?” In fact they do!

Believe it or not, certain tech items have particular “seasons”, and buying when they are in season may just put you well above your spending limits. Knowing when this “season” goes out would be the opportune time for you to buy them. When some people would just delay purchasing an electronic unit in hope of the item’s price going down, the practical buyer would gladly wait till he can get a bargain. Of course, delaying a purchase in anticipation of scoring a better deal out of it seems pointless as most items would simply cost less in six months. Well, it goes for almost anything actually. You could sometimes wait for a year and you might get an obsolete or even phased-out model. This is perhaps one of the downfalls of investing on electronic gadgets – because they are seasonal, buying an item at a later time might just lead you to owning an outdated model. Then again, if you are practical, that’s besides the point.

When prices of commodities tend to soar, electronic gadgets are not as well spared from this. What is important to consider is that there is a specific season when to buy these gadgets at very low prices that they might even be given for free. Take a look at these particulars:

  • Digital cameras can be had at low prices during the middle of the year. Although they can go on sale starting February when the Consumer Electronics Show in January is concluded, it is best to get a digital camera around June and July. You might even have a handful of uses for it during this season.
  • Mid-year is also the best season to get a new computer unit. Most computer companies – like AMD and Intel – ramp up supplies and stocks in July, so they tend to dispose of many other gadgets in the market during this time. And not only that, the back-to-school sales are just as good as any. (Just a thought – there was one article published a few months ago which says computers and laptops as well as other electronics are usually at their lowest prices on Monday because this is the time where most manufacturers apply rebates. The real score is that it is not true. In fact it doesn’t make a lot of sense at all.)
  • HD televisions can also be purchased at great prices in summer. The reason being that most HDTV models were released in the market in 2012. This just means the ones available now are for a lesser price than those sold in 2012. Most units can even go down on prices during the holidays with more than 40 per cent discounts on premium items.
  • Tablets are also a great buy this year. Prompting the release of many models last year, prices for tablets and even iPads have gone down in 2014 owing to newer models being readied for the market before the year ends.
  • Smart phones – android and other units except iPhones – are fairly good items to buy during summer because many products from phone companies are always producing in excess of demand. The same goes for e-reader and Evergreen. Most of these companies do not come up with newer updates in two years time. iPhones can be a good buy if they are past their prime.
  • Take into consideration that Black Fridays have discounts on computers and electronics but can also spell disaster if you happen to go to those particular shops on foot when the sale goes on. Take great care beyond your guard if you chance this.

So there you have it. Knowing what season and when is the best time to buy electronics makes it more practical for you to own one without actually hurting your pocket.

If price is your primary concern, you can also check refurbished items as they can be had for a much lesser cost. If you are not bothered at all of owning an electronic gadget which is a model that could be a bit older, then you can go ahead and take note and follow these simple tips. You might be surprised at how much you can actually save.