Black computer keyboard by Marius Iordache

Black computer keyboard by Marius Iordache

Is your computer keyboard not working properly? If your answer is affirmative, then you are having a keyboard problem. But, you need not worry since a step-by step guide is for fixing your keyboard issues is being explained below.

First of all, you should ascertain the reason why your keyboard has failed to work. Confirm whether it is software related or hardware related. If it is hardware related problem, then you should clean the keyboard by using a duster or simply shake it off. After this, you need to check whether it is plugged correctly or not. If it is a PS/2 keyboard, then you need to ensure that it remains plugged in the purple PS/2 port (This is not the case where you have a USB keyboard however). While doing work on your computer if it stops to work all of sudden, then you should plug it out and then plug it back in. In case, it fails to work, then you should try to fasten the keyboard to another computer. If it does work there, then you have a bad port or your computer has developed a software- related problem. If you plug it to another computer and its fails to work, then the pins of your keyboards might be broken.

When we go deeper into why your keyboard is not working due to a software- related issue, then you will come to know that this solution is for your keyboard as well as for the optimal usage of your computer. Your keyboard might be having a driver-related problem. Remember that a driver is the communicating medium between the operating system and the hardware. Without having it, your operating system will fail to identify anything which your hardware likes to do.

Many hardware manufacturers update their products drivers monthly for fixing your present keyboard driver problem and all other driver-related problems, which you may have. It is recommended that you spare the time for looking for a website or software, which will search for the drivers which your computer needs for running at a good performance. Remember that updated drivers allow your computer to remain the best. It is a pertinent factor in avoidance of the errors in your computer.

While looking for the website or software, which will help you in finding the right and updated drivers for your computer, it is very important to take heed that there are such websites, which will provide you outdated drivers, which you do not want to have. So be vigilant!

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