About Me

Lavar Storr here,

Originally I wanted to deal with computers since I was so passionate about them as I had graduated from college in July 2010. In all efforts to try and put what I have learned into practice I sadly discover that the economy is far worse than what it is and less jobs were available that match what I had known. However, that didn’t stop me from giving up.

All I wanted to do is help people with what I know and do what I love to do with computers. What I do not accept is the fact that with the computer education I learned, I cannot apply anything to help people out.

In the end all that matters is getting out there and taking action: actively OR passively; just get it done.

One more thing, PLEASE do not go into anything or see ans scheme online without full training on or else you will regret it. My promise is to help you out with what I know about computers and technology since I was influenced by it the most and have always been inspired and fascinated by seeing the latest gadget.

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